Specialisation Post Mortem

My specialisation is finished. tada. Having done a lot of drawing before getting into sculpting in the last two years, I had a good base knowledge which I feel I’ve added a lot to with sculpting. I started the model using zSpheres, which I’d only sort of used prior to this.   I ended up […]

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Specialisation -Texturing

For this project I wanted to learn Substance Painter, as I’d heard good things about it and it has recently become free for students. Substance Painter is a really nice program to use. While the two programs provide virtually the same function, I found it was much faster and more intuitive than Quixel, which I’d […]

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Worldbuilders Post Mortem

Critically reflect on how you (and your team as appropriate) have performed in relation to your behaviour, the processes you employed, and the outcome of the project: We finished our Worldbuilders project this week and overall I am happy with the end result. We decided on our source material quickly and got the documentation together in […]

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Studio Three Specialisation

For my specialisation I am planning to make either a creature or human character with a weapon or base plate. I want to spend some time coming up with a design and concept art. Don’t plan to implement it into an engine, but will choose one (most likely UE4 or Unity) to set a guide […]

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